14 Writerly Blogs

Writers are inquisitive people, they are curious. Not only do they love to write, but they have a thirst for knowledge – they love to learn. Added to this, they are driven and self-reflective, always looking for ways to improve their writing. It is not surprising, therefore, that there are so many writerly advice blogs that offer tips and support to writers of all kinds. Here are my top 14 writerly blogs.

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Planners and pantsers: outlining my novel

When I was a teacher I used to plan like mad. I would create whole unit plans that would cover 4 or 5 weeks of work, then break that down into a weekly overview and would develop detailed plans for each individual lesson. Planning really helped me work out what I wanted to include in my classes, as well as what I needed to include to reach particular teaching and learning objectives; it helped me stay on track when it was so easy to deviate or get distracted. I am a HUGE fan of planning, but I learnt really early on that the ability to throw the plan out of the window when needed is of equal importance to planning.

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