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  • Writing Characters – writing activity 3

PDF – Writing Character – writing activity 3

In these activities, you can apply any of your writing to develop your potential character(s), to build depth of character, to help you understand their motivations, their thoughts, how they act, what they sound like, how they respond to their environment.


  • Creating Characters – writing activity 2

PDF – Creating Characters – writing activity 2

This is a PDF I created in order to develop a character sketch. This can be used to help give you an idea of who your character is – how they might behave in certain situations, what their motivations are – and this can, in turn, build fuller, more rounded, authentic characters.

Educators: this could be used as a pre-writing activity for story writing in your classes.


  • Get Writing – writing activities 1

PDF – Get writing – writing activies 1

This is a PDF I created that includes three writing activities. These can be used to help generate ideas, work through writer’s block, as writing practice, etc. Educators: these could be used in writer’s workshops or in your classes.


For all you educators out there: this site is packed full of useful stuff in a range of subject areas. Definitely worth taking a look.


I am using this book to assist in the writing of my novel. the aim of the book is to help you break the huge task of writing a novel down into smaller achievable tasks.

Louise Doughty also has a website that might be of interest.


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