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Writers are inquisitive people, they are curious. Not only do they love to write, but they have a thirst for knowledge – they love to learn. Added to this, they are driven and self-reflective, always looking for ways to improve their writing. It is not surprising, therefore, that there are so many writerly advice blogs that offer tips and support to writers of all kinds. Here are my top 14 writerly blogs.

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1. Writer Unboxed: with contributions from a community of writers who blog about the craft of writing, the publishing industry, and everything in between.
2. Writers Helping Writers: includes tools and resources for writers, editors and teachers.
3. Kirsten Lamb: is an author herself and she blogs about the writer’s journey, offering insights and tips along the way.
4. The Courage 2 Create: is the creation of Ollin Morale. He blogs about his own writing journey: what it takes him to sit down and write, the obstacles he faces along the way, and the lessons he learns.
5. The Renegade Writer: this is a site about freelance writing offering advice and support to fellow freelancers and those wanting to begin a freelance career.
6. Sarah Salway: is a writer, coach and workshop facilitator. She blogs about her own writerly journey and offers her insights along the way, as well as a few writerly tools.
7. Distraction 99: this is the blog of Nova Ren Suma, a YA author. She blogs about her own journey and offers tips and insight as she writes.
8. Goins, Writer: Jeff Goins began this blog to discover how successful writers make a living, what does it really take to get published, and how to pursue a passion.
9. The Write Practice: aims to develop your writing practice by encouraging you to write for at least 15 minutes a day. Included are writing prompts and blogs about all kinds of writerly topics.
10. Jane Friedman: is a writer/blogger with a long and successful career in publishing and academia. She offers advice to writers and blogs about all aspects of writing and publishing.
11. The Creative Penn: author Joanna Penn offers writing, publishing and marketing resources and advice.
12. Romance University: offers advice to writers of romance, but the writerly advice they offer can be useful for writers of all genre.
13. Terrible Minds: this is the blog of Chuck Wendig – novelist, screenwriter, and game designer. He blogs about all kinds of writerly and random things, in an honest and direct manner that is (often peppered with abusive language) quite refreshing.
14. Artist’s Road: this is the blog of Partick Ross – writer and teacher. His blog is full of information about writing, blogging, publishing and the creative life.

So that’s my top 14 writerly blogs. I love finding new blogs to read. If you favourite writerly blog did not make my list, let me know about it!

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