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Shel Sweeney is a published author of short stories, essays and poetry. She strives to create a meaningful life on her own terms. Wholeness, connectedness, flexibility, creativity and generosity are all ideas and ways of being that she strives for.




Shel’s Background

Born in England, but raised in Australia, Shel is a freelance editor / writer. As well as doing her own writing, she works with indie authors, trade and academic publishers, large and small businesses, corporations, and those who need help to best formulate, develop and refine their written ideas.


The Eternal Child

Shel, an eternal child who squeals aloud at fireworks and has been known to run outside when it snows. She has been writing since the age of eight and plans to continue for some time to come.


What She Does

Shel is available for writing, editing, writing mentoring, manuscript assessment, workshop facilitation and conference appearances. You can contact her via this website or on her business website A Worded Life.


What You Can Find

Here Shel blogs about an eclectic array of topics including, but not limited to, writing, creativity and what it takes to live BIG. For blogs of writerly nature alone, please visit Shel’s freelance website A Worded Life.


About: Shel Sweeney


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