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The origins of my writing…

Books were always around in my house, everyone read something: my dad read magazines and books about being self-sufficient, my sibling read popular culture magazines, my mum read romance fiction and used to read to us at bedtime; and I read…to myself, to the dog, to the chickens, to the cat, curled up in a chair by the fire, lying on the living room floor, sitting on the porch, under the covers in bed secretly by torchlight…whatever, whenever and to whoever I could.

Writing all manner of things…

My dad occasionally used to write erratic, frantic, meaningful poetry in a beat-writer sort of way. But I have been the most persistent writer of the family. I have written all my life, but the first piece of writing that I kept and still have today is from when I was eight years old. I wrote poems, plays and stories. When I wasn’t writing, I was thinking about stories. You get the picture – I love words, I love a well-crafted sentence or poetic phrase, I love weaving worlds from words!

In pursuit of writing…

I studied literature, teaching and writing at university and have completed my Masters Arts in Professional Writing and Literature. I have written short stories, memoir, poems, historical fiction, travel pieces, feature articles in my spare time. In my work life, I have been a ghostwriter, written reports, newsletters, unit plans, web content, service level agreements, business plans, social media content, handbooks, style guides, training manuals…and then some. I have assessed manuscripts, strucally edited fictions works-in-progress, and copyedited and proofread fiction, non-fiction and academic texts.

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