From My Uni Days

Today I offer an old essay from my uni days, it is an overview of postmodernism, taking a closer analytical look at deconstruction as part of the postmodernist movement. In particular I address the work of Jaques Derrida, how it has developed, is applied and its continuing contributions to the postmodernism. I put forth a brief definition of modernism, as I saw it then, as a kind of historical background and finish up with some reflections of my own.Shel Sweeney  - 1 Continue reading

Book Reviews – Non-Fiction

Have you ever found yourself wanting to purchase the most useful book on a particular topic? Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads all include a book review function on their sites where satisfied readers can rate and review the books they’ve read. But how to you write a short review? This week I focus on reviewing non-fiction books.

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