Beginnings and endings

It has been a month of beginnings and endings: full of challenges and seemingly disparate occurrences, yet not without its moments of synchronicity and insight.A Worded Life: Writing and Editing Services

I hosted a yoga group – a group of friends who got together once a week. We had about 14 or 15 sessions all up and through this my own yoga practice improved in leaps and bounds. I became more dedicated in learning about each pose and in reflecting on the prevalence of yoga in my off-mat life. I was more mindful, more introspective, and more aware of those around me. I went from practicing every two days to daily practice. I found a new dream: to do my yoga teacher training, and discovered that I have a ‘yoga voice’ – who knew! But when I decided to move house and had to end these yoga sessions, the real gold was in learning how I had impacted the lives of my fellow yogis. One friend told me I had made her love yoga and that she now incorporated yogic elements into her morning stretching and was doing yoga at home on Saturdays and Sundays. Another friend told me that when friends of his went off to live in a yoga retreat in New Zealand for a year, he thought they were crazy…but now he totally got it – he was hooked on yoga! And yet another friend told me he would never have tried yoga had it not been for me, and through these sessions he discovered a love of meditation.

I moved out of this house before having another to move into. I just knew that it was time for change and I had been waiting for something to come up, but it hadn’t. I realised what was needed was just to make a decision to move, to take a leap of faith. I went from my house, to a road trip – a mini holiday staying with many friends. I have discovered that I am much more adaptable that I previously thought – I go with the flow and change easily.

April was a real ‘out with the old’ kind of month that saw me questioning old ways of being that might not be so useful to me now and wondering how I could rewrite this in more powerful and inspiring ways. I stumbled across Danielle Laporte’s book The Desire Map and felt lit up, so I gathered a few friends, old and new, from across the globe, and developed an email based study/book group to work through the chapters and engage in productive and inspiring conversation around the discovery of our dreams.

I remember the start of my year and being given my gratitude and happiness journals. If not for these, I would never have fully embraced the gratitude group I was invited to participate in, and if not for this group, I would never have started the ‘The Desire Map’ group. Of course, I do have a life outside of all of this introspection, but you know what – all aspects of my life feel lighter. I am more grateful of everything that comes my way, I find more fulfilled from my work and relationships, I feel more peaceful and engaged in the whole of my life, I feel more connected with everyone I interact with, and in general feel happier more often. I just can’t believe how much I am enjoying all this gratitude and happiness!

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