Top Posts of 2013

I started blogging on 17th January 2013. Over the course of the year I created a mass of blog posts. Here are my top 10 posts of 2013.


  1. Why Read – This is where I first felt like I was getting into the swing of blogging. I was not simply recalling my own writing process in journal style writing, but was writing an article that was of interest to others, outside of me and my novel writing.
  2. 10 Aspects of Dialogue – This is just what is says it is. I wrote this as part of an investigation into what is required when writing dialogue and ways in which to improve these skills.
  3. The Art of Essay Writing – This post signifies another step in my blogging ability, moving into instructional writing with a ‘how to’ write an essay. It was a very satisfying post to write and took me back to my teaching days of lesson preparation.
  4. Fragments – This is one of many post where I blog writing prompts. The key to being a writer is writing, but sometimes we need a little help getting motivated, finding inspiration, getting started, keeping writing or just warming up to a writing task – writing prompts and writing activities are useful in these circumstances. This writing activity uses bits of sentences from other books to prompt your own writing.
  5. Turn Your Manuscript into a Novel – Here I reflect on my own practices and where I am at with my own manuscript and I put this into a blog to reveal steps you can take to edit, revise and rewrite your manuscript.
  6. Pinterest to Develop Characters – This post was exciting to write because I was learning about and exploring the usefulness of Pinterest for own writing. As a result of writing this blog, I set up my own Pinterest account; it was a real learning experience for me.
  7. 6 First Draft Revision Steps – Getting into the nuts and bolts of revising my manuscript was daunting, I spent many hours pondering over how to proceed. This blog was written as a result and is a ‘how to’ guide to revising your first draft.
  8. Pitching your story – This was an incredibly satisfying blog to write because it meant that I had completed the first revision of my manuscript and was beginning to look outward, beginning to think all of the hours I had put into creating my story had been worth it and the novel was looking good enough to share. This is a ‘how to’ guide to pitching to an agent or publisher.
  9. Building story – Having completed the writing of my novel and the major revision, I found myself with more time to look outward. I wanted to experiment and get creative. I was totally excited and inspired by the possibilities that are available through digital storytelling. This blog is an exploration of storytelling via digital media.
  10. How to Write a Synopsis – Here is another practical blog. This is a ‘how to’ guide to writing a book synopsis and was reflective of where I was at with my own novel.


What were your top posts of 2013?

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