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Many Social Media platforms can be used to help you develop and track your characters. This week, I’m exploring just one of these: Pintrest, to see how useful it can be in developing a sense of a character and in creating an evocation of that character in order to flesh them out, ready for and beyond words on a page.

Pintrest Yellow Brick RoadYou can search and view pinboards without having a Pintrest account. Try searching for whatever you are interested in and you will find some interesting information and images.


Pintrest is a valuable source of information regarding all aspects of writing. There are a number of  useful Pinboards that people have created: just pop ‘writing’ or ‘writing novels’ in the Pintrest search box and you’ll come up with heaps of interesting content. Here’s a few I found:


There are also stacks of character development Pinboards, like:


But if you are interested in joining Pintrest, what sort of thing could you do with a Pintrest account? To answer that question, it can be useful to see how other writers are utilising this platform.

  • Author of ‘Daughters of Smoke and Bone’, Laini Taylor has created pinboards for her books.
  • Author, Kami Garcia, has a number of pinboards, one of which is for her novel Unbreakable: The Legion, where she has 380 pins of things that reminded her of her novel.
  • Author, Elizabeth Gilbert, creates pinboards about her books, herself and bookish things that interest her.
  • Author, Elsie Chapman, created a pinboard for her novel, Dualed, where she pinned images related to the story and pictures of the book cover.


Here are some more authors using Pintrest:


Try searching for your favourite authors, books or characters on Pintrest to see other ways pinboards can be used.


As for me, I have been developing a pinboard that is all about the main character of the book I am writing. Her name is Annabella, and through the use of my Pintrest pinboard ‘Who is Annabella’ I am trying to evoke a sense of this character to build a fuller idea of who she is. I keep adding to this pinboard as I create or come across images and snippets that remind me of this character. You can follow the progress of this pinboard at Who is Annabella?


There is much discussion about Pintrest that you might also be interested in reading:


If you are interested in other Social Media platforms, read my last blog: Character Development & Tracking with Social Media.


If you are creating any writerly content on Pintrest, I’d love to follow you. Use the comments box below to tell me and my readers about your pinboards.


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