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What is your writing wish…if you could have anything you wanted? What is your big writing dream?

Writing WishI asked myself this question recently: What is it I want? Are there any aspiring writers among us who do not wish to be a best-selling author? I’d be lying if I said this was not an ultimate dream. But failing this, I will still write – I love writing and I will continue to write regardless. But my writing wish is to hit that best-seller list! Until time and circumstance prove otherwise, anything is possible. So why not dream big!

Here’s a writing activity to do just for fun, to help you tap into your big writerly dreams. Respond to the prompt below – keep it spontaneous, don’t overthing it, just play:

  • If I were a famous author I would….

This is my response:

If I were a famous author I would be able to spend more time on my own writing, picking up other projects as and when they suited me or drew my attention.

I would continue to do many of the things I already do in terms of my writing practice, but there are other things that the benefit of greater literary and financial success would allow me.

I would start my own literary magazine.

Rather than a festival-goer and aspiring author, I would attend writers’ festivals as the author.

I would travel more and write more.

The teacher in my drives me to support others and many of my aspirations are ties to this motivation. I would do more creative writing workshops, passing on to others this passion for writing. I would give lectures about writing at universities. I would run writers’ retreats. I would set up an author/mentor network to help aspiring authors and give established authors avenues to support the next wave of writers. I am interested in the psychological benefits of writing – writing as healing, expression and transformation – and would explore this and work with others on this level.

Then there are materialistic things: I would have a bigger, nicer office in which to work, I’d have my own library complete with cosy fire and comfortable armchair, and I would hire an assistant!

Why not dream big? Write back and share your writing wish.

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