6 Ways to Promote Yourself on Twitter

You finally got a Twitter account! You know you want to use Twitter to build your social profile, but don’t want to add mindless Tweets to a Twitter-sphere already overloaded with worded drivel and have no compulsion to share with strangers the mundane details of your daily life. So how exactly can you use Twitter to promote yourself?

6 Ways to Promote Yourself on TwitterFirstly, think about why you have a Twitter account. If you are promoting yourself – why? What is there to promote? I am a freelance writer and editor, so building my profile is linked to building my business. Then consider your niche or area of interest. Easy for me – at @ShelSweeney I am interested in writing and editing. Keep this in mind as you develop your Twitter presence.

6 ways to promote yourself on Twitter:

  1. Create your profile: there are a few things to consider when setting up your profile: username, image, background and bio. If you have a business name, you can use that. If you have a logo, use this for your image or background. I have an photo and background image that I have used across various platforms, so I used that – it means my Facebook page, Twitter and Blog all have the same ‘look’ thereby creating a brand. Your bio should give an indication of who you are, your personality, your business (if you have one), a link to your website (if you have one) – this gives potential followers a hint at what they might expect from you.
  2. Provide great content: good content is what will drive people back to your Twitter account, so it helps to provide content that people will want to read and follow. Use hashtags – these help organise Tweets into subject areas. For example, if you search for #writingtips you will find Tweets that share a variety of writing tips and tricks. Share links to interesting material – this will help broaden your appeal and present you as someone informed about your particular area of interest.
  3. Acknowledge others: people like to be mentioned. If you come across a Tweet that you find really interesting, chances are your followers will too – retweet interesting Tweets and use @ tags to embed the author’s Twitter handle to your Tweet, thereby acknowledging the author. If someone follows you, connect with them – a quick hello will go a long way to keeping that follower, and check out their profile and Tweets, they might be someone you want to follow. If people retweet you or mention you, Tweet them a quick thank you – they will appreciate the shout out as much as you do.
  4. Connect with others: search hashtags that interest you to find like-minded people who you can learn from and follow them. Comment on interesting Tweets to begin to build relationships. You can use Twitter lists to help you organise the accounts you follow – this will help you more easily find the accounts you frequently read.  
  5. Tweet regularly: Tweeting often ensures the greatest number of people will see your Tweets, but don’t Tweet so often that you drive followers away. You can use various third party programs to schedule your tweets, like Tweetdeck – this will save you time and ensure that there are always Tweets ready to go.
  6. Promote your Twitter account: develop a marketing plan: a list of things you will Tweet (could be a bank of possible ideas, or a list of types of things you will Tweet and at what time of day you will Tweet them); include a link to your Twitter account on your blog, Facebook page, website, email signature, business cards, etc.

I Tweet about writing and editing. You can find me at: @ShelSweeney – hope to see you there!


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