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As I write, I come across many things that I am unsure about, that I don’t know, that I am interested to find out, or that I think will enrich and add depth to the story. Rather than get caught up with these things during the initial writing stages, I create a list of questions and research points. These are the things I will need to resolve by the final draft, but that, at the moment, I don’t want to hold up the writing process.

Following is my list of questions and points for further research:

  • Where does Annabella’s grandmother, Adéla, live?
  • Which gate does Annabella leave from when she goes into the forest alone?
  • Did the historical figure of Martin die before I have Annabella arrive in the village?
  • What is daily life like in a castle?
  • What herbs would Annabella have used?
  • What bird calls first thing in the morning?
  • What were the street names of the village in the 1700s?
  • What sort of sweet pie would they have eaten?
  • What are some Bohemian fairytales?
  • What were pubs called in the 1700s?
  • Why does the witch hunter’s mother ask God to forgive her?
  • Where does the witch hunter’s death fit into the story?
  • What were work clothes called?
  • Where does Lady R find Annabella?
  • What does Lady R offer Annabella to eat and drink?
  • When does Adam die? Is this before Annabella arrives in the village?
  • What is the collective noun for a group of fish?
  • What kind of fish is Adéla?
  • What kind of fish gave Adéla the pearls?
  • What colour are Eleanor’s eyes?
  • What is the collective noun for a group of ravens?
  • What is the title of the person in a castle who is in charge of expenses?
  • What is the collective noun for a group of bears?
  • Map of the village from early 1700s with street names and buildings, their purpose and owners marked on it.
  • Name of a black stone, gem for mother’s eyes, like eyes of a raven.
  • How many gates to the village were there? What were their names? Which were busy, which less so?
  • Life in a castle: I need detail: cooking, stables, laundry, cleaning, chambermaid – who else works there, what was their day like, where were their quarters, did they all live at the castle, what were their interactions with the villagers?
  • What herbs were around and which were used medicinally, for what ailments and how were they prepared?
  • What books were around about herbs or medicine?
  • Get a list of Czech names.
  • What herb makes Eleanor’s urine red? And what symptom is this in aid of?
  • Where was grandmother’s house? Which river was it beside?
  • Map of the castle from 1700s – showing where kitchen was. A floor plan of all rooms and corridors.
  • Clothing and undergarments – what were the items called?
  • Food and drink of the time and place.
  • What fruit grew in the region?

If you know the answer to any of these questions, leave me a comment!

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