Going Sugar-free

sugar-heart-candyI’m taking a firm stand against sugar…this is NOT an easy decision for me, I mean, sugar and I have had a strong relationship since I was a little girl. It’s not cakes and sweets I like so much as chocolate. And while I revel in the taste and sugary high I get from eating it, my desire is now in direct conflict with my slowly burgeoning waistline and long-term health and well-being.

While I take time out form my novel manuscript and reflect on the process of writing, I find myself also looking at other areas of my life, areas that were perhaps a little neglected during my stretch of writing. A writing life, after all, can be one at a desk – let’s face it, writing while running is near impossible!


Here’s a picture of a general writing day in the life of me:

  • 7am – get up and have breakfast and attend to Twitter
  • 8am – yoga, shower
  • 8:30 – writing
  • 11:30 – half an hour at the gym
  • 12-ish – lunch
  • 1pm – back to work, freelance stuff in the afternoon.
  • 4pm – an hour walk
  • 5pm – general house stuff (this is the boring bit: tidy up, washing, grocery shopping, cleaning – whatever is needed)
  • 6pm – prepare dinner
  • 7pm – eat dinner (this is when my day slows down, my partner is home and we eat a leisurely dinner and catch-up)
  • Evening: maybe we watch some TV, but this is also my reading time, and if I have freelance deadlines to meet I continue working into the evening

It would be highly productive if every day could be like this, but other things crop up that need to be dealt with or attended…and it’s nice to have activities that stop me succumbing to life as solitary a writer.


pile-of-smartiesThe downside of writing, of working at home, of moving to colder climates where rain seems the standard, and of recovering from the few physical obstacles this year has thrown me have seen me NOT doing as much physical activity as I once used to, PLUS snacking on sugary things. Yes, I have fallen victim to a good nibble: with a small bowl of snacks beside me as I write. Caught up in writing, the bowl is often emptied before I even realise I’m eating! This combination has seen a few extra kilos…mmm, I’m definitely NOT happy about that! But crazily, unconsciously, insanely, I continued.


I know I should be more careful with my health, we all know that right? My dad has late onset diabetes, the risks are there. Why is it that the health facts and statistics don’t scare me into action? We humans can be reckless, irresponsible beings at times.But no more! Time to turn a new leaf, time to get serious, time to cut sugar out.


On Friday I will continue writing my sugar-free journey – yes it is a diversion from my novel…but I need to let the manuscript rest for a moment!


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