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Developing strong characters is central to writing engaging stories. Last year I did a lot of writing about how to develop characters. Here are my top character posts to help you develop your characters.

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  • Creating Characters – including links to a character sketch proforma and other resources, this is my very early inroads into developing characters for my novel. 
  • Writing Characters – take events from your own life and ‘give’ them to your characters. Here I give the incident I wrote of in my post A Small Memoir and give it to my protagonist. 
  • Crafting Character – shows my own work in developing characters for my novel. 
  • More Than Writing – offers further character development and details what I have been up to in my own writing. 
  • Tracking Your Characters – outlines a variety of methods of keeping track of your characters.
  • Pinterest to Develop Characters – in writing this post, I set up my own Pinterest account. Writing this post was a learning experience for me. 


If you are looking for character and story related inspiration, you might visit me at Pinterest where I have been developing pinboards to provide character and story writing prompts.


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