Writing Wishes

A genie grants you three writing-related wishes: what are your writing wishes and why?

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There’s two rules only:

1) You can’t wish for more wishes.
2) Your wishes have to relate to you as a writer in some way.

Here are my three writing wishes:

1) I get signed to a literary agent in the next 6 months and they get my first novel (which I have just finished) published within a year. And hey, while that genie is at it, why not make it a bestseller!
2) I complete my second novel (which I have begun) and it is published within two years – another one for the bestseller list!
3) Within 5 years, I earn enough from my writing to not have to work again (unless I chose to, and let’s face it, I get to work with some pretty awesome people as a freelance writer/editor and I’m not sure I’d want to give that up – but perhaps I get more clients coming my way).

I wish…I wish…I wish life would be just like that! Now…where’s that genie?

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