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I’m training to hike the Camino de Santiago next year. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I have been blogging about my preparation. Here’s my latest training progress.

Training Progress: A Worded Life

After some real issues with my Achilles, and some really busy months with work, I kind of fell off the training and blogging radar.

I’m long past due updating the world on my current training progress, but I have made significant progress in the past month.


Here’s my current training progress:

  • I can walk 30 kilometres on flat land.
  • I average about 5km/hour.
  • I try to do one 30km walk each week.
  • I try to support this with a 20-25km walk each week also, but sometimes I only have time for 10km.
  • I aim to get to the gym on non-hiking days.
  • I do two incline training days per week – in the gym so I can make this slow and gradual – yep, the Achilles is still dogging me the whole way!
  • I also aim to do two weights sessions in the gym too.
  • Leaving one rest day.


Okay, so that sounds amazing, right? Remarkable even, especially if you knew how exercise-averse I have been in my life! I mean, I’ve even been getting up at 5am to get this training done! I know, I know – this is simply ridiculous.

While there is rarely a week that goes exactly to plan…at least I have a plan, and it’s one that I work hard to achieve…at least something close to that.

It feels incredible to finally see some real training progress!


The bonus to all this is that I have finally lost some weight…5kilograms in the last 5 weeks. That’s a whole 5kg less that I have carry over the 780km Camino de Santiago – and that has to be a good thing!


Read more about my Camino de Santiago prepartion:

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