10 Writerly Tweeps Worth Following

Whether you are new to Twitter or not, if you are a writer you will want to follow those with similar, writerly interests. Given the number of active Twitter accounts, it can take time to wade through all the 140 character Tweets to find someone worth of following. To help you out, I have compiled a list of my top 10 writerly Tweeps worth following.

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  1. Elizabeth S Craig: Elizabeth is an author who publishes via a publishing house and self-publishes. This gives her a lot of varied experience to draw on. She tweets a range of resources from how to improve your writing to current issues in publishing (like whether to self-publish or not).
  2. Resources 4 Writers: Cate Russell-Cole is an author sharing resources to help other writers. She tweets everything from tips to improve your writing to how to increase your online presence. She is not repetitive – which is a great thing – but she is prolific. I don’t mind this though because she always has good content.
  3. Jim Denney: Jim tweets uplifting, motivational and interesting quotes about writing and from writers. Jim is an author himself and will often link to his own books – but to be honest, this is no big deal, you can chose to follow the link, or simply to enjoy the quote he has tweeted. Incidentally, I do have a copy of Jim’s Writing in Overdrive and find it a useful resource.
  4. Karen Woodward: She does just what she says – she shares writing and publishing information. Her tweets are no nonsense and direct, with links to great resources. There are no frivolous tweets here – just great stuff!
  5. The Creative Penn: Joanna Penn is a fiction and non-fiction author tweeting information and resources regarding writing, book marketing and self-publishing. Her tweets are full of energy and passion for her craft so she comes across as upbeat and motivating.
  6. The eds: Sincerely_ed provide amusing insight into the working life of the editor. For me, they are a welcome relief from the information-link laden tweets of other tweeps AND they bring a sense of perspective and humour to my job as a freelance editing or proofreading.
  7. Blogwriter365: If you are a blogger, or are thinking about blogging, then this tweep is for you. Blogwriter365 tweets tips to help you improve your blog writing, checklists and other useful stuff.
  8. PubPerspectives: This is the twitter account from Publishing Perspectives: a USA based online magazine about international book publishing. This is a good account to follow if you are interested in gaining a general overview of what is happening in the publishing world.
  9. Victoria Grefer: Victoria tweets about all stages of writing, from pre-writing to editing and beyond. She will retweet content she feels is valuable and reaches out in a personal way to other tweeps on occasion.
  10. Writer.ly: Tweeting all kinds of information about writing, publishing, grammar, editors, publishers – and everything in between. This is a no nonsense Twitter account providing great content.


You can find me on Twitter at ShelSweeney I mostly tweet information about writing, editing, and publishing. I link to my own blog posts from this site (ShelSweeney.com) and from A Worded Life (my freelance site).


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