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Born in England, but raised in Australia, Shel Sweeney has worked in cafes, publishing houses, schools and for the London 2012 Olympics. Shel, an eternal child who squeals out loud at fireworks and runs outside when it snows, has been writing since the age of eight and plans to continue for some time to come.


I have made this year about expressing gratitude and discovering happiness. This wasn’t really a planned thing, but I had been given a happiness journal last year that I only really half used and so I wanted to throw myself into that from the beginning of the year. I was also given a gratitude diary and thought that might be nice to do also. Then, on New Year’s morning, I suddenly remembered New Year’s resolutions and, since I hadn’t made any yet, I whipped one up.

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The Key to a Happy Life

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From My Uni Days

Today I offer an old essay from my uni days, it is an overview of postmodernism, taking a closer analytical look at deconstruction as part of the postmodernist movement. In particular I address the work of Jaques Derrida, how it has developed, is applied and its continuing contributions to the postmodernism. I put forth a brief definition of modernism, as I saw it then, as a kind of historical background and finish up with some reflections of my own.Shel Sweeney  - 1 Continue reading